What’s Cookin’? 106

Highlight(s) of the week: (1) The Phillies are up 3-1 in the World Series. Could it really happen? (2) Giselle laughed at me yesterday when I made a face at her. That’s the first time she did that without me tickling her. (3) Amanda is adjusting well to her new job. Apparently, she kicks kids out of class! If you know my wife, that would seem uncanny to you, but I’m glad she is asking kids to respect her.

Book(s) I’m reading: still reading Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw and The Historical Books by Richard D. Nelson 

Listenin’ and lovin‘: Listen to Mars Hills podcasts every week; APM: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett – most recently I’ve been listening to one of the podcasts called “Being Autistic and Being Human” (it has exposed me to some of the ‘human-ness’ of people with autism, which I suppose was the purpose), and I also listened to an interview with Rod Dreher, author of Crunchy Cons: The New Conservative Counterculture and Its Return to Roots, talk about his care for environmental issues but how he is still Republican. That’s pretty cool. Also, I’ve fallen in love with listening to interviews by Emergent Village with Phyllis Tickle, what a wonderful and wise person. Music-wise: I created a “Genius” playlist on my iPhone with worship music so that included Delirious?, Hillsong, Hillsong United, Phil Wickham, and Jason Morant. 

Something(s) that blew my mind: (1) Did I mention that the Phillies are up 3-1 in the World Series? 

Something(s) that broke my heart: (1) I never thought Dobson would stoop so low as he did in his letter from Obama’s America in 2012. I hope to write about this later. Thanks to Thom for pointing this out. (2) Obama’s thoughts that America is the last great hope of the world still breaks my heart from a Christian perspective. This isn’t recent, but it still bothers me.

Ministry update: last night we had a combined youth group with our friends from Grace Valley Fellowship. We had a scavenger hunt, pizza, hayride, and bonfire. It was a lot of fun. Tucker (their youth pastor) and I really tried to promote interaction between both groups. I think it worked out well.

Seminary update: still reading like crazy for our class on the historical books of the Old Testament with Gary Schnittjer. I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around all of what we are talking about, specifically, Nelson’s (above book) view on the historical books. We read Esther in the Septuagint with all the additions, which I told my friend Ben who is Eastern Orthodox, and he responded, “In other words, you read the complete Esther.” That’s a seminary joke, but a funny one if you get it. I won’t tell you why. Look it up! Also, reading Genesis 22 (the near-sacrifice of Isaac) and its interpretation from the Jewish, Muslim, Samaritan, and Christian perspectives.

Looking forward to: (1) the Phillies winning the World Series! I’m really looking forward to my mom’s reaction, if my reaction will result in my getting arrested (kidding!), and a parade!


I’m cool because now I have an iPhone
July 18, 2008, 2:01 pm
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I know you’re saying, “Evan, you were cool before you got the iPhone.” Well, thanks, but now I feel really cool. Last Friday, I got up early and drove to King of Prussia mall to go to the Apple Store, which opened at 8 AM. I got there around 7:50 AM, walked up to the store, and saw about 50 people in line. So, I said, “Great! This won’t be long.” And then…I looked and saw the line wrapped around the other side of the mall across three or four stores. I decided to wait. 

The Apple Store actually brought around water and coffee and had workers walking around showing the new iPhone and assisting people with their questions to help the time fly by. It did help because after about an hour, I was half-way through. So, I said, “I can wait another hour.” Well, three hours later (!) I was finally in the store, and I got my iPhone. I did go with the 16GB so people would think I am even cooler (I am being facetious). However, I did run into the problem registering my phone, but it all work out eventually. 

Not to make everything spiritual (but everything is spiritual; thanks, Rob Bell). But, when Apple was bringing around water and coffee and sending workers around to assist people, I thought: What if the Church did stuff like that? Apple knows that if they help you out and are nice to you, you will come back. What if the Church went to places, gave out water and coffee, and ask people about the questions they may have about Christianity? I know some people have tried this, and I think it is a good idea. Maybe if we show concern for people (not as ideas but as actual people – sounds like another post is coming on) we can know that they will come back again for more. I know that I knew Apple cared about me as a customer and so maybe the Church could show the same care for others, as well.