The relational vote: Who should I vote for? Why?
November 4, 2008, 5:53 pm
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A quick thought today is this

What if we voted relationally? We have been taught voting is our individual right. But really – we are people of community and are social beings. It may be best for us to ask our friends, neighbors, spouses, co-workers, “Who should I vote for? Why?” Ask people what’s important to them, why is it important? How can you better them and their communities? Then, we are responsible for that knowledge when we vote. This would inevitably bring the need for more prayer in voting.

(This may be a turn-off to many because we don’t want to know who others think we should vote for because then we will be responsible for that knowledge. I guess it comes down to this, “Ignorance is bliss…because then you’re not responsible.”)

As for me, my wife is at work. I think when she gets home, I’ll ask her who she thinks I should vote for and why. I’ll ask her what she finds to be important to her, her community, and our family, and I’ll tell her what I feel is important to me, my community, and our family. Then, I can go into the voting booth with that knowledge in mind. 

So, help me out – the relational vote: Who should I vote for? Why? 

My friend Tim asked me, “Isn’t that what everyone does already?” Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, my friend…I think you are being unrealistic about the human condition (Tim knows me so he understands I am teasing him here).


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lol. For sake of discussion:

I guess I group the non-relational voter with the one issue voter, or the racist voter or the non-voter in the same camp.

But I do think many people discuss these matters relationally. But if you want to popularize it, you could write Voting in Community or something and release it 3.5 years from now.

Comment by Tim

[…] The relational vote: Who should I vote for? Why? […]

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