Vote: Mark Wahlberg for the new Pastor of America

I’m a big Mark Wahlberg fan. And, no, it’s not just because he was in Invincible, which was about a Philadelphia Eagles player, and I’m from Philadelphia and an Eagles fan. I loved his role in The Departed and Shooter. Both I don’t recommend to anyone under the age of 17 (rated R, so I don’t want kids to say, “Evan, my youth pastor, saw those movies, Mom, why can’t I?” so don’t say that!). Didn’t see The Happening (which I heard was “not happening”), and not because it was rated R – let’s not go there.


Anyway, credit to Relevant Magazine for pointing this out. Mark Wahlberg, creator of HBO’s Entourage (which I don’t watch…not because it’s rated TV MA…I just don’t have the time…anyway…), says his family and he have difficulty when going to church because people nag him about the show (what’s going to happen next? etc.) and offer him screenplay ideas and more. One person even gave him an idea for a children’s book, to which he declined, and the person got angry. He states that he just wants to go to church to worship, and he’s not happy about the things he did back-in-the-day with his “entourage,” and he is currently asking forgiveness for. 


First, hold on! Hold on! You’re telling me – Mark Wahlberg goes to church? If there was a better reason to go to church then this one right here, I cannot find it. People who go to church have been called homophobic, judgemental, and hypocritical, but they’ve never been called cool, hip, and awesome movie star who with a sniper and a scope can kill anyone from 1000 feet away; at least, that I know of. “Wait, Evan, we have Mel Gibson”…Who?


Second, Mark – (I doubt you read this blog, but, if you want to be a contributor, let me know) – you must be going to the wrong church. In fact, pastors (i.e., paid leaders of churches) never experience people giving advice all the time, offering suggestions on the programs the pastors put together, and get upset when they don’t do it the person’s way. That never happened in churches that I’ve been a part of.


Oh wait…actually, all that does happen.

I have to say that I’m relieved that Mark Wahlberg has told the whole world what it’s like to be in the “spotlight” at church. Pastors have been facing this type of adversity for years, decades, centuries, and now Mark Wahlberg has finally “let the cat out the bag” – that is, people at church are really good at offering suggestions (whether, if offered, they themselves would carry them out is another topic for another day) to people in the spotlight. This isn’t directed at one person in particular (e.g., the person who wanted a children’s book version of Four Brothers or someone you may know), but I’m standing by my fellow laborers in ministry.


Therefore, I conclude that Mark Wahlberg must be proclaimed as the new “Pastor of America” (or, the world?). Step aside, Billy Graham and Rick Warren…Mark Wahlberg will now speak the truth to America. He must be heard! Hide your children! Respect the badge! Church-goers beware! (No, really beware, you don’t want to cop an attitude with the new Pastor of America…I mean, have you seen how he treated Leonardo di Caprio in The Departed – do you want to be on the other end of that?)

Mark Wahlberg – Pastor of America – who’s with me? All pastors in favor, say “Aye.”


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Interesting… especially because ive been thinking a lot about this issue with you, and just the whole youth ministry in general. It stinks that people are so inconsiderate to pastors and the like just because they are in that position and think they should take it. I dont know. Im praying for you and for everything… let me know if you need help.

Comment by Amanda Matias

This happens to everyone, myself included. However, more recently, this happened with a pastor who is a close friend of mine – he made a gutsy, good move, but not everyone was happy. It’s a shame, and I think other pastors could share their stories about this as well.

Comment by evancurry

Did you see SNL a couple weeks ago? They had a sketch, “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals”. It was kinda funny – good impersonation.
Yeah, I’d take Mark as our good vibrations worship leader. Sunday would be a sweet sensation.

Comment by Tim

Mark Wahlberg is a pretty good actor to compare him to Sylvestor Stallone he is better then that to compare him to Bruce Willis I don’t know about that. But he will never be another Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. To even compare his movie Shooter to Dirty Harry is a joke. The magazine Glamour
rated him the sexiest man alive for 2 years in a row. This is another joke. The man is not a bad actor but he is not a great actor. He is most definately over rated for sure.

Comment by Jerry Oakley

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