What’s Cookin’?

(I stole this idea from my dear friend Tim, and I think it is an excellent one. His reflection is called My Monday Brief. I decided to go with What’s Cookin’?)

Highlight(s) of the week: (1) I’ve been feeling really close to Giselle recently. It’s like she knows me or something (she still loves her mom more…but I’m getting there). (2) Eagles laid the smackdown on the Steelers. (3) Riding with Amanda to work on Thursday and home from youth group on Sunday

Book(s) I’m reading: Creating Community by Stanley and Willits and Organic Community by Joseph Myers

Music I’m diggin’: Oh Sleeper – When I Am God; August Burns Red – Messengers

Something(s) that blew my mind: (1) Patriots fans booing their team! Wow! They’re not spoiled… (2) My brother Phil’s band Woe Beith the City was actually exceptionally good at their first show (3) Phil shared something from his heart on stage, which actually wasn’t cliche in any way

Ministry update: great start to the new school year, new things, new events, new staff members. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our middle school retreat to Baltimore, but we’ll survive. Also, from my opinion, youth group was a blast last Sunday. 

Seminary update: (1) taking a class called Developing Relationships in Community with Dave Marks; one of those “required-to-take” classes that I’m not really into, but doing my best (literally have taken no notes so far…huh). (2) Next class is with Gary Schnittjer…very excited. (3) McLaren & McKnight coming to Biblical in October!

Looking forward to: Phillies’ game on Wednesday as they push to the playoffs. Looking forward to high school retreat in Philadelphia and hearing Shane Claiborne speak.


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