I’m cool because now I have an iPhone
July 18, 2008, 2:01 pm
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I know you’re saying, “Evan, you were cool before you got the iPhone.” Well, thanks, but now I feel really cool. Last Friday, I got up early and drove to King of Prussia mall to go to the Apple Store, which opened at 8 AM. I got there around 7:50 AM, walked up to the store, and saw about 50 people in line. So, I said, “Great! This won’t be long.” And then…I looked and saw the line wrapped around the other side of the mall across three or four stores. I decided to wait. 

The Apple Store actually brought around water and coffee and had workers walking around showing the new iPhone and assisting people with their questions to help the time fly by. It did help because after about an hour, I was half-way through. So, I said, “I can wait another hour.” Well, three hours later (!) I was finally in the store, and I got my iPhone. I did go with the 16GB so people would think I am even cooler (I am being facetious). However, I did run into the problem registering my phone, but it all work out eventually. 

Not to make everything spiritual (but everything is spiritual; thanks, Rob Bell). But, when Apple was bringing around water and coffee and sending workers around to assist people, I thought: What if the Church did stuff like that? Apple knows that if they help you out and are nice to you, you will come back. What if the Church went to places, gave out water and coffee, and ask people about the questions they may have about Christianity? I know some people have tried this, and I think it is a good idea. Maybe if we show concern for people (not as ideas but as actual people – sounds like another post is coming on) we can know that they will come back again for more. I know that I knew Apple cared about me as a customer and so maybe the Church could show the same care for others, as well.


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This was like the perfect post:
Iphone, Rob Bell, water, God, and 16GB. I’m proud to call you my brother in the Lord.

Imagine if people were lined up for hours to get into our churches. I suspect that church leaders would be hosing them instead of offering them water. We tend to do the opposite, you know. Kidding, sorta.

I agree though. I’ve seen/heard of churches hand out water at the park or wherever and intentionally not witness, simply have conversation, if any. Demonstrating kindness is really underestimated as opposed to always needing to have a string attached to it. “We will give you water, but you have to listen to my presentation of the 34 spiritual laws”. No wonder so many just ask to be hosed instead.

Looking forward to more posts.

Comment by tghali

what if the church started selling iPhones? Maybe that would bring people back? It would be especially cool if people brought bottled water (not Perrier) and had it turned to wine during communion. That would bring people out too.
Hospitality is the name. I actually experienced this three years ago waiting in a line four blocks long to get into the Hillsing London church. It meets in a broadway style theatre with the freddie mercury tribute show on from Mon to sat & church on Sundays. Anyway, folks from the H staff were constantly coming by with coffee, hit chocolate and breath mints. They also made sure the crowds didn’t block access to local establishments. Good neighborly relations. The queue was so long several wide that many passersby stopped to enquire what was on. Most were left speechless that folks were waiting to get into church. After a couple hours in line we made it through the front door but a thousand behind us didn’t. Of course Delirious? was playing the service so a few extra folks turned up (& it was an awesome time) but the staff at H made a good example.
Welcome to the iphone club. This is now the official cohort 10 phone…

Comment by Joe L

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