AJ Jacob on his “The Year of Living Biblically”
June 18, 2008, 1:36 am
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Agnostic AJ Jacob’s decided one day to follow the Bible to the letter in the way he lived. He focused mainly on the Hebrew Scriptures due to his Jewish descent (however, he did spend the last 4 months in the Christian Scriptures). His article in Relevant Magazine is very interesting. It is extremely interesting in how living biblically changed many parts of his life. He isn’t crazy. He just wanted to conduct an experiment. Enjoy reading the article “My Biblical Year.”


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I wondered about this as I read it. To do this for an entire year as an “experiment” either points to an incredibly interesting life or a pitiful one. Inclined to go to the former.
I say this because it kinda reminded me of the guy from “Supersize Me”. They even tried to spin a tv show off that (with that guy. I suppose I could spend an extra 4.2 seconds and google his name. Ok, hold on…. I’m back. It’s Morgan Spurlock).
So yeah, Morgan is probably kicking himself for not thinking of this. “Jewish-ize Me” or “Hebrew-vert me”.
I wonder if Jacobs tries to become a Muslim or a Tibetan monk next year.

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