“On Dropping the Debt” by N.T. Wright
May 19, 2008, 4:24 pm
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I recently read the below article written by N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham in the Church of England, in which he takes on the issue of Third World Debt. I find Third World Debt to be a problem that stands in direct contradiction to the message of Jesus. N.T. Wright first brought this to my attention about a year back, and I am glad to see him write something more formal on the matter. You can view the article here.


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I did a double take when, as I was reading The Lord and His Prayer Wright suggested that the word “transgressions” was purposefully ambiguous, and having both the connotation of sin and financial debt (i.e., “forgive us our debts” in some older translations) Christ was teaching that salvation/deliverance must be seen both in regards to sin and the financial burden on the poor. That blew my mind, knowing that as the Lord’s Prayer has been prayed for generations without taking into account the earthly, physical, and financial debts of people along with their spiritual debt.

Comment by Thom

I may have to grab a copy of that book. I have ‘The Lord and His Meal’ which was an awesome, quick read. But thanks for ‘blowing my mind’ with that insight.

Comment by evancurry

emm. luv it ))

Comment by lesbian pee drink

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