Good guys wear white hats and carry M4 assault rifles
April 29, 2008, 3:24 pm
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I recently read the above article about how the Chicago police will be receiving M4 assault rifles in order toM4 assault rifle better fight street gangs and the like. The mayor of Chicago feels that this is necessary since their police officers are often “outgunned” on the streets. Thus, they are giving assault rifles to the police, which they believe will better “protect” them.

I find this article to be disturbing, not from the standpoint of protecting the police – I am all for protecting the police. In fact, I have numerous family members who work for the Philadelphia Police Department, and the last thing I want to happen to any of them is for them to be unprotected, as it were – but it’s disturbing in sense of worldview.

Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that this worldview says that in order to reduce gun violence we must put larger guns on the streets but only now in the hands of the “good guys?” So, the battle simply comes down to – who has the bigger/better guns? If the good guys do, yes, we’re the winners! If the bad guys do, get the good guys even bigger guns! I guess the next move by the bad guys will be to say, “We should get some better guns because the cops have M4 assault rifles now. Let’s one-up them.” Where does it end?

Your move, street gangs.


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I actually wrote about this in discussing Everything Must Change. There are a couple of “conspiracy theory” sites out on the web that discuss how police have slowly turned into a “para-military” organization, with small towns in Nebraska having SWAT teams and tasering people and all. They say the US has turned into a military state slowly and steadily so know one could tell…and now police officers have M4s.

What would Shane Claiborne do?

Comment by Thom

True, Thom. I went on Everyday Liturgy and saw something similar. I wonder if the Spirit is moving the Church into rethinking such things.

Comment by evancurry

Hi Evan just wanted to say that buying the M4 is a perfectly logical move from the governments perspective. But it will, as you said, pressure gangs into buying bigger guns and just keep this spiral of violence going. It’s much like the Woadoni tribes in South America. They just kept killing and killing and forgot the reason, they just kill for revenge.
What the government should do identify these depressed areas. Build them up with better schools that work with kids not just push them through the system, bring in non-porfit orginizations to help tear down and rebuild ruined housing areas. Then right with this the church needs to go there and bring God to the people. A_A
But buying bigger guns is cheaper.

Comment by Frankie

Yes, from a government standpoint, it seems very logical, but I would have to say that from a Christian standpoint I find it detrimental. Also, you are right to say that education (and some recreational centers or something) would be more effective, albeit more expensive. It all comes back to the almighty dollar.

Comment by evancurry

Detrimental, I like that word. Money is a big deal isn’t it. But it could just be unwillingness on the part of the city government to take action that will take a long period of time to complete… It’s really sad. But not every thing’s bad, take Philly I think the crime rates going down and over in Iraq and Afghanistan violence is slowing down. In Tajikistan people are slowly beginning to start their own businesses. The church movement in China is growing. South Korea is sending people to space and the church movement there is more active then here! A_A Europe is starting to become less socialist.

I just think that in order to not be depressed we should look at the big picture you know what I mean Evan? God is always moving we just have to look around for where he is! A_A

Comment by Frankie

I know my examples above are a bit short but I am just coming up with these off the top of my head. My point is just that no matter how many guns are on the streets, God’s still there. I guess it’s just a matter of perspective.

Comment by Frankie

yo gs do what needs be in if that gun is guna be of help to the 5 0 if gs gotem then pigs should to it only playin fair and no one should bitch bout that

Comment by joe

Why not keep your mouth shut unless you are in the Law Enforcement business. Your just someone on the street that “thinks” they know how to fix the problems. Well, if your that damn smart how about you sign up for the job and then, and only then will your voice matter!

Comment by tactical_1

well if this is the wrong move, tell us oh wise one.What is the right way to handle good people protecting the public, being killed in a battle with mach. gun versus a .38 or .45 acp pistol?????
Also, I am wondering if you have ever fired a M-4 abd a service pistol?

Comment by sean

I can’t help but think this is the wrong weapon for the job. I like the fact your picture includes the M203 grenade launcher and makes the weapon look more agressive than it is. The M4 is a weapon of considerable range and power. Range is not always an asset in urban conflict, it only tends to add to “collateral damage”.(Those bullets land somewhere) As for tactical firing (shooting locks ect,) the M4 lacks the immediate kinetic energy of a large caliber handgun.
Anyone with a functional knowledge of firearms and their applications can quickly see this is not the weapon for the job. I feel this weapon is detremental to the very function it strives to acheive, protecting the innocent public.(In a close quarters or urban setting.)
If police raids start happening at distances greater than 100 yards this is definatly the tool for the job, otherwise I’d have to go with the H&K MP5. It has better supressive fire capabilities than the M4, all the tactical advantages of a service handgun, and more accuracy than any other weapon in it’s class. It also lacks the range of a .223 rifle (but not the power) and should create less unwanted damage to people and property.
(dear my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m not a cop…. I’ve met alot of hotheaded cops who can’t hit the broad side of a barn. I respect officers for doing what they do, but realize that every job employs a few bad apples… why give them the opportunity to spoil the whole bunch?)
The viewpoint of a M4 being too agressive seems like a good thing when you consider that we’re talking about Chicago here. Decades ago many of the streets were riddled with .45 casings from the Thompson submachine gun.(Tommy-gun)
That is an overly powerful and devastating weapon.
This seems like progress to me.

Comment by Michael

It does not matter what the police or law abiding citizens have in the way of fire power, the serious criminals will always have better armament. The trick is to actually prosecute criminals beyond the full extent of the existing law to make gun crimes more punishable and less inviting. Until we fight the real problem which is not law abiding citizens with guns, but criminals with or without guns, we loose!!!

Comment by ME

Give an alternative idea if you want the police to be safe without having better guns than the street gangs…

Comment by drew

How often do street gangs hang around for stand up fights with the Police?

Comment by Mark Gregg

It doesn’t end. It’s just another misguided attempt to alter the unalterable and inevitable cycle of human life. You can take some wisdom from BSG – nothing ever changes. Even in the end after breaking the cycle they screwed up and killed each other anyway.
There’s no such thing as safety when it comes to guns in America. We have more civilian armories than military armories – the only country in the world that does. The conservatives will still cry about an irrelevant 2nd amendment, and the government will still bend over backwards to maintain the status quo.
Additionally, restructuring and proper enforcement of the law in this country won’t do anything to stop gun crimes. It’s scientific fact that repercussions do not affect a persons propensity or willingness to commit a crime, especially a gun crime.
Finally, the MP5 doesn’t lack the range of an M4 when you are talking about urban situations. Even in a real battlefield, engagements are proven to occur the majority of the time at 300 meters or less. All Heckler and Koch weapons are effective at that range. That’s not even mentioning how worthless collateral-reducing munitions like frangibles are in real life when you say that the MP5 is safer in an urban situation.

Comment by Grenadeh

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