where can I find new life?
April 26, 2008, 3:07 pm
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It is my understanding when starting a “blog” one usually begins by bringing his or her purpose to the forefront. I don’t really have a purpose for blogging…I am, however, narcissistic at heart, and I suppose that I want others to hear what I have to say because I think it can be of some value. Anyway, here it goes…

My wife and I have recently been privileged to go through a healthy and successful pregnancy. Pregnancy (for me) was a time to experience new life taking place inside of my wife. I could not see what was going on, but I was able to observe her stomach getting larger, feeling the baby kick, and feeling the child hiccup. It was amazing — Creation was happening inside of my wife.

But it was not until Monday, when I saw the child emerge and held her in my arms, that I realized what had been happening all along. I was now able to see the result of creation. New life had come…

And isn’t that what we all need? We all could use some sense of creation coming from a place that we currently cannot see, but, right now, we can only feel its kicks. We wait and yearn for new life to emerge from such places. For many of us, new life is happening somewhere, but we can’t actually see it right now.

I imagine that this is what the followers of Jesus felt. Jesus, a master of signs, wonders, teaching, the one who they believe would redeem Israel, dies a hideous death. As they heard Jesus speak prior to his death, they felt the “kicks” of this new life. They yearned for it. This all must have come to a surprising halt when he died. But, as far as we know, the tomb was empty that Sunday morning. The disciples felt that new life was happening somewhere, but they couldn’t see the result of it until he emerged from the tomb (which conveniently rhymes with “womb”).

Maybe you are reading this and you’re asking – where can I find new life? Creation and new life are happening somewhere. We may not see it now, but we all need new life. At the moment, we may simply feel its “kicks,” but we must not give up but should hold on for some time (possibly 9 months) in order to see its results. Let us watch with great joy and happiness as the new life we desired for so long (in the deepest parts of us) emerges from where we could not once see.New Life


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What better truth to write about.
Congratulations again – so happy for you.

Looking forward to more blogging – proud to be the first poster.

Comment by tghali

Brother, how true.
It seems that with having children I have learned so much more about God and how I am His child.

What a beautiful thing new life is.
Congrats man!

Comment by Mark Culton

Hey man,
I was just studying John 3, and I thought of your blog entry. (I guess that is a good thing b/c it shows your thoughts are in sync with Scripture…)
Jesus used the earthly illustration of birth to help Nicodemus understand spiritual birth.
Having recently witnessed a birth (just as you have), it sheds some new light on how we came to Christ.
Pretty cool stuff.

Comment by Mark Culton

dude this was a very helpful discussion. There is new life and growth in the womb, we know its happening and can see the indirect effects (belly bulges, kicking, mom eats a lot, etc) but it is not until the birth that we fully understand. This is a cool metaphor for the spiritual life. The Spirit is at work inside us and we know something is going on because we can sense the indirect effects but we can’t conceive the full beauty until the veil is lifted and through breakthrough (birth) we see the creative (perhaps restorative fits better here) work that has been going on in the unforeseen world. Praise God who works in such mysterious ways!

Comment by Joe L

Thanks, Joe. I am glad it has such an impact.

Comment by evancurry

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